‘A Uosemo music video

1. Make sure the enviroment is illuminated and that you are not in the shade.
2. Place the camera horizontally in front of you and start recording.
3. Pretend to do your activity for about 5 seconds then look at the camera and repeat or simply move your lips saying “‘A Uosemo,’ a uosemo” (as you hear in the video clip below. Take it as a reference for the rhythm).
5. Save your video in HD 10-80, NAME LAST NAME_Auosemo) (ex.:Kevin Raw_Auosemo)
6. Download the authorization form below. Read it, sign it and take a picture of it.
7. Send the authorization form ‘s photo and video clip via WeTransfer to collective@lowpulseproject.com
Submissions by June 15th 2020.

If you are an artist or a small business owner or simply a freelancer you can display your own logo/sign in your video clip for free. In this case you are invited to send, together with authorization form and video clip, also your links and/or websites if any.

To participate you must be 18 of age. Submitting your video does not guarantee participation.
Video clips that do not have all the above requirements will not be considered.

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