An extract from an article by Stephanie Rodriguez on Voyage LA magazine featuring producer Daniele De Cario.



D.D.C. : “….With low Pulse Project, I have toured Italy and for Low Pulse Project, I have produced two singles: Reverse and Lies and Flames. I have collaborated with Associazione Teatrale Raggio di Sole (Rome)|Rugantino (soundtrack) Associazione Teatrale Raggio di Sole (Rome)|Quei Figuri…(soundtrack) Aqquarela Band|Camaleoncistiko (album) Low Pulse Project|various artists (original video background music) Aristotle| Hurts All Over (single) Aristotle|Angel Of Soul (album) Tino and The Untuned Elephants|I Miei Primi 10 Passi (my first ten steps) (album) Gracon Productions|Blue Zones Projects (original video soundtrack) Napulitanamente Magazine| Napulitanamente (Jingle) Napulitanamente Magazine| Aug. 2020 Issue (original video soundtracks) Napulitanamente Magazine| March. 2021 Issue (video soundtracks). Until 2019 I’ve been very busy touring, recording with various artists and bands and also I have made music production for other artists at Low Pulse Project. Due to the pandemic, we have all been forced to stay at home and I am taking advantage of staying home by focusing more on my next album that I want to release soon. I am currently working on an instrumental album entitled “Jumping on the Groove” in which there is the participation of international guests that I don’t want anticipate yet. The only thing I can say is that this album embraces different music genres.”

S.R.: Can you talk to us a bit about the challenges and lessons you’ve learned along the way. Looking back would you say it’s been easy or smooth in retrospect?
D.D.C. :
I am Neapolitan and I’m used to any kind of obstacle ;). I would say that this even amuses me. I have always been in touch with foreign musicians since I was a child so not even language has been an obstacle to me. About music, I am an open mind as producer and very versatile musician. This, supported by my music background helps me to live always a positive experience. Furthermore, the musicians I play with, the artists I produce and also my fans and friends always say that as a musician as well as a person, I send out good vibrations. They say I am a peaceful nice genius.

S.R.: Appreciate you sharing that. What else should we know about what you do?
D.D.C. :
Producer, bassist, pianist, singer, music director, composer, songwriter.
S.R.: What matters most to you? Why?
D.D.C. :
Life, health, love and good music always matter. About my music business in general, surely matters time and final result. Particularly as producer, what matters to me is “tailoring the perfect dress to any kind of naked song by enhancing its strengths while smoothing out its defects.” As a musician matters music itself. Now what matters is live music that I really…Read full article at