Low Pulse Project working on new music video. Seeking Extras.

During this time of emergency most people of the world is blindfolded, blocked. A future, even the closest one, cannot be seen. Now more than ever many of us are proceeding randomly, we just follow our nose … We are going … ‘A Uosemo. You probably have listened to the song’s preview on social networks, it is a track that will be available to everyone for free download. The meaning of the title is not easy to explain but, to give you an idea, going “‘A Uosemo”, in Neapolitan language, stands for ” Proceeding randomly”, without any certainty, “living by simply following our own senses”. The song has not been released yet and we are currently working with Gracon Production on the music video and we are seeking people who want to participate as extras.
Are you older than 18? Are you an artist? Are you a craftsman? Do you work on your own? Do you have a small business? If you are living day by day without seeing a future, if you also are proceeding randomly without actually knowing what will happen tomorrow; if you also are going ‘A Uosemo take the chance to be part of our music video. Find info to participate here.Submissions by June 15th 2020.