Low Pulse Project|A Uosemo Feat. Daniele De Cario

A Uosemo music video


A Uosemo en español significa: “Por instinto”. Video musical producido por Low Pulse Project y Gracon Productions. Dirigido por Jean Luis Contreras. Agradecimientos especiales a Erika Contreras, Miles Contreras, el abuelo June, Blondie, Pablo y los adorables perros Wolf y Perrito. Mira el video y escucha la canción deja un comentario. Sus comentarios son muy importantes para nosotros.


A Uosemo in Spanish means: “Going by instinct”. Music video produced by Low Pulse Project and Gracon Productions. Directed by Jean Luis Contreras. special thanks to Erika Contreras, Miles Contreras, Grandpa June, Blondie, Pablo and the adorable dogs Wolf and Perrito. Watch the video and listen to the song leave a comment. Your comments are very important to us.

Napulitanamente. Neapolitan heritage in the world. Free readings from the South.


Low Pulse project presents the release of Napulitanamente, a free, independent print and online publication based in Los Angeles. Written in plain American English it focuses on topics of interest to tourists and lovers of Mediterranean culture.
Starting from Neapolitan heritage it extends its way on what comes from the South of the world.
In fact, the magazine presents contents of cultural, tourist, artistic and commercial interest covering true stories of real people and featuring news,  interviews, videos, quiz, music and more. 
The release of the first publication has been strongly supported by our partners: BeFitWithErika, Gracon Productions, CRT-Design, ArteTecaVomero, Parvafolium.

Since the first issue, on July 31st  2020,  4 editions of the magazine have been released, both online and paper versions.

In just 16 months of life, Napulitanamente.com gets 1500 fixed monthly visits on the portal from the United States, Canada, Belgium, India, Holland, France, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Japan, Italy; and has reached over 10.900 followers on Facebook. 

The latest edition has been published on April 1st 2022, featuring excellences from the Mediterranean cultural and artistic panorama.

To read Napulitanamente magazine:

. Visit napulitanamente.com
.scroll the page and find the edition you want to read.
.browse, read, download and print the PDF version of Napulitanamente for FREE
.Read the articles on the website.If you want to share your story as well as your business or your project take the opportunity to let our readers know about it. Email us at editorialstaff@napulitanamente.com