Low Pulse Project|Decomposition Ft. George Floyd inspirational message.


Low Pulse Project|Decomposition Ft. George Floyd inspirational message, composed and produced by Daniele De Cario (aka DeCa), it’s a tribute to George Floyd. He was a man of love and peace, worried about the young generation and the violence in the streets. George Floyd served as a mentor to a generation of young men in Houston’s Third Ward, Texas, using his life experience and influence to help break the cycle of violence among the youth. His message featured in Decomposition soundtrack, focused on the apparent rise of gun violence he had witnessed over the years: “You youngsters just going around busting guns in crowd, kids getting killed.” Drop the weapon “come on home”. https://youtu.be/ERnDPlW-A-M This video was released thanks to the footage Black Lives Matter protests of: – Cottonbro from Pexels. – Kelly Lacy from Pexels. – Lennart Wittstock from Pexels. – London protester holding BLM sign from Videvo. – Hollywood police confrontations with protesters from Videvo. – Hollywood portrait of protester in front of police from Videvo. – Hollywood black woman shouting at a police officer during protest from Videvo. – London anti racism protesters marching past bus from Videvo. – Hollywood police officer push and shoot at protesters from Videvo – Hollywood protesters demostrate kneeling on neck from Videvo. – Londond Black Lives Matter sign held above crowd from Videvo. – London Nelson Mandela statue holding Black Lives Matter sign from Videvo. – London BLM protesters rally around inspiring activist from Videvo. – London crowd protesters march with London eye in distance from Videvo. – BLM London protestors gather next to Nelson Mandela statue from Videvo. – London Black Lives Matter sign in the air from Videvo – A BLM protestor holds up artwork of George Floyd from Videvo. #GeorgeFloyd#BlackLivesMatter#noguns#noviolence#GeorgeFloydmessage#comeonhomeSHOW LESS

Low Pulse Project|Decomposition Ft. George Floyd