Low Pulse Project presents Privet Earth Italian Tour

Get Ready to be Blitzed by Privet Earth, a band with two Grammy’s nominations in 2011, winner of FIAT BAND PRIX Contest in 2013. Privet Earth debuted in Italy virtually in 2011, when he was noticed by Ingrid Pagliarulo (at that time talent scout and author of “U.S.A. United States of Artists”), to participate to the web tv show on upcoming American bands, at RadiostarTV, Rome, IT). Privet Earth started with success. He won the TOP 5 at RadiostarTV the same year. He didn’t interrupt his virtual relationship with Italy and later he was interviewed by Emergenza Musicale Magazine (Napoli, IT). However he has never abandoned the dream perform live in front of an all-Italian audience. Finally after a series of efforts, which are not over yet, this is the time for him to debut physically and fully and he is ready to blitz all of those who want to try this musical experience .

Starting from Napoli, on October 17, Privet Earth will BlitZ some of the main cities of the “Bel Paese” and his unplugged concert will get all the way up Northern Italy until the first days of November. His way through the web will continue at the same time as the tour so that the rock blitz will spread everywhere together with his echo. Stay tuned for updates about Privet Earth Italian Tour. Listen to Privet Earth music here .