Low Pulse Project|A Uosemo Feat. Daniele De Cario

A Uosemo music video


A Uosemo en español significa: “Por instinto”. Video musical producido por Low Pulse Project y Gracon Productions. Dirigido por Jean Luis Contreras. Agradecimientos especiales a Erika Contreras, Miles Contreras, el abuelo June, Blondie, Pablo y los adorables perros Wolf y Perrito. Mira el video y escucha la canción deja un comentario. Sus comentarios son muy importantes para nosotros.


A Uosemo in Spanish means: “Going by instinct”. Music video produced by Low Pulse Project and Gracon Productions. Directed by Jean Luis Contreras. special thanks to Erika Contreras, Miles Contreras, Grandpa June, Blondie, Pablo and the adorable dogs Wolf and Perrito. Watch the video and listen to the song leave a comment. Your comments are very important to us.

Low Pulse Project lands in Spain!

The latest single from LPP with Daniele De Cario lands in Spain and its wonderful islands where it will be broadcast on DVL Radio and Onda Teguestera.
Two unmissable events on Onda Teguestera  on Sunday 1st at 11 AM

and on DVL Radio on Monday 2nd May at 10PM


¡LPP aterriza en España!
El último single de LPP con Daniele De Cario aterriza en España y sus maravillosas islas donde será retransmitido por DVL Radio y Onda Teguestera.
Dos eventos imperdibles Onda Teguestera el domingo 1 de mayo  a las 11 h y en lunes 2 de mayo a las 22 hs en DVL Radio


Listen to the radio and enjoy A Uosemo Feat. Daniele De Cario


XRP Radio Heat FM

Euroindiemusic Radio


United Kingdom

New York, USA


Timeof Broadcasting(CHTIME) 12PM

Mon,Tue,Sat 8AM /Thu,fri4PM



https://xrprad oco.uk// http://heatfmradio com/


Radio Biss Sao Paulo. Brazil httpsJ/vAW1.radiobiss.com.br/

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4 PM (frij+ r.ndom replay



Lime City Radio Network USA 3.00CDT httpJ/limedtyradio.airtime.pro/
Radio Romo Sud Rome,Italy 00 CET (mon Frij http:/www.radioromasud.eu/
Radio Patapoe 88.3 FMAmsterdam Amsterdam, Netherlands 15 30CET https://radiopatapoe.nV
HypeDem Rodio UK 11.00AM (Thu.Tue) https://hypedem-rad ocom/
lndie AM






Radio Hemingway Italy 1AM http:/www.radiohemingway.net/
Radio Onde Quadre Italy 2 30PM http://www ondequadre.polito.itiprogrommi.php
Radio Albatro Italy n/2 httpJ/radioalbatro.altervista.org/
Rad o Svolt3 Viterbo. Italy 9.30PM (MON·FRI) http://www.rad osvolta. t/
B-=indWagon Network USA 04.00 PM httpsJ/thebandwagonnetwork.net/
R;dio Antenna Petrignano Italy 11.45AM http:/www.radioantenn.apetr ignano.iU’
Urbana Radio Mexico THU1PM https.J/vAvw.urbanaradio.com.mxf
DLV Radio Spain 1000 PM https://dlvradio.org/
Onda Teguestera Tegueste,Canary Islands, Spain 11AMSUNOAY httpsJ/\“‘ Y.ondateguestera.com/

LPP on air on Italian radio stations.

Low Pulse Project on Italian radio stations

Monday May 2nd 2022 Low Pulse Project Featuring Daniele De Cario on air on Italian radio stations.
Check it out and listen to Daniele De Cario aka DeCa on A Uosemo the new  single of Low Pulse Project.

Radio Antenna Petrignano (Umbria) from 11:45 AM
Radio Svolta (Lazio) from 9:30 PM
Radio Onde Quadre (Piedmont) from 2:30 PM
Radio Hemingway (Lombardia) from 1AM
Radio Roma Sud (Lazio) from 1AM
Radio Inondazioni (Puglia) from 12AM

Low Pulse Project|A Uosemo (Feat. Daniele de Cario)

A Uosemo - Por istinto

Low Pulse Project presents A Uosemo the new single written, composed and produced by Daniele De Cario.

A dubstep/hip hop song inspired by current events and that DeCa describes testually:

D.D.C. ”

I’ve written this song while I was on the LA metro subway. I was surrounded by people wearing uniforms. Some of them displaying working badges on their jackets. Most of them wearing headphones, focusing on phones or tablets. There were no expressions on their faces. It was early evening. They probably were getting off from work.

I’ve got the feeling of being surrounded by automata.

This scene inspired me the lyrics for “A uosemo” which in Neapolitan means ” going by instinct”. Just like dogs.

Today’s reality is like that: people are treated like dogs.

They believe to be free. Actually they aren’t.

They just act like hunting dogs feeling freedom only when they are unleashed to catch the prey to please and satisfy their master.

In this globalized world people get the illusion to be free.

They look for a job to make money in order to buy things proposed by advertising.

Their goal is purchasing a subscription to watch movies, or buying the best car on the market or the best mobile phone.

Therefore as soon as they earn money they will give them back to their master.

Satisfaction is a mirage. It is an ephemeral happiness that lasts until the purchase of the next item.

I have written and sung A Uosemo first in Neapolitan, then in Spanish which is the most spoken language in the world.

I have chosen Spanish also because I deeply respect latin languages that belong to my roots and which I do not intend to forget because it belongs to my inheritance as well as to that of all of us and of the world.

A Uosemo is a song which has no claim other than to describe the real pitiful status of today’s human being who instead of improving follows a process of involution both interior and exterior.

I hope that humans will soon wake up and start to think with their own minds.”

Listen to A Uosemo 


Another interview to LPP coming soon.

We will soon share another interview with Low Pulse Project about the release of the next single which has the title in Neapolitan and is sung in Spanish and English.
The new music track will be released on Friday April 15th and will be available on all digital platforms.
We do not yet know the date of publication of the music video but we know that it will be another fruit of Gracon Productions that always meets the thoughts of LPP.
Stay tuned to read the news.

A brief summary to make things easier for AI and Gen Z.

A Uosemo music video

Among the other projects, LPP has  given its artistic contribution to The Artist First Voice and Acting Studio, Learning Languages, Gracons Productions, Blue Zones Project, RAI International, Italian Festival L.A., IAMLA (The Italian American Museum of Los Angeles), Italian Foundation Los Angeles, Be Fit With Erika, A.C. Raggio di Sole, Aqquarela, Angel of Soul, Aristotttle band, Tino & The Untuned Elephants, Mariviento and others.

For the past 3 years it has done live shows, workshops, DJ sets (in person and online) and it has provided entertainment for private events.

Low Pulse Project has booked concerts in the area and it also toke artists on tour in Europe.

Lately it has appeared in several domestic and foreign magazines that talk about its growth and its founders.

Finally the time has come to publish a music track that was actually born before 3 years ago but which due to lack of time it wasn’t able to release it earlier.

The song is titled A Uosemo that in Neapolitan meets the concept of  “Going by instinct”. However, despite having a Neapolitan title, the song is sung in Spanish  and features an English chorus.

Written, composed, produced and sung by Daniele De Cario, A Uosemo features hip-hop/dubstep/electronic vibes. And will be soon available online.

An extract from an article by Stephanie Rodriguez on Voyage LA magazine featuring producer Daniele De Cario.



D.D.C. : “….With low Pulse Project, I have toured Italy and for Low Pulse Project, I have produced two singles: Reverse and Lies and Flames. I have collaborated with Associazione Teatrale Raggio di Sole (Rome)|Rugantino (soundtrack) Associazione Teatrale Raggio di Sole (Rome)|Quei Figuri…(soundtrack) Aqquarela Band|Camaleoncistiko (album) Low Pulse Project|various artists (original video background music) Aristotle| Hurts All Over (single) Aristotle|Angel Of Soul (album) Tino and The Untuned Elephants|I Miei Primi 10 Passi (my first ten steps) (album) Gracon Productions|Blue Zones Projects (original video soundtrack) Napulitanamente Magazine| Napulitanamente (Jingle) Napulitanamente Magazine| Aug. 2020 Issue (original video soundtracks) Napulitanamente Magazine| March. 2021 Issue (video soundtracks). Until 2019 I’ve been very busy touring, recording with various artists and bands and also I have made music production for other artists at Low Pulse Project. Due to the pandemic, we have all been forced to stay at home and I am taking advantage of staying home by focusing more on my next album that I want to release soon. I am currently working on an instrumental album entitled “Jumping on the Groove” in which there is the participation of international guests that I don’t want anticipate yet. The only thing I can say is that this album embraces different music genres.”

S.R.: Can you talk to us a bit about the challenges and lessons you’ve learned along the way. Looking back would you say it’s been easy or smooth in retrospect?
D.D.C. :
I am Neapolitan and I’m used to any kind of obstacle ;). I would say that this even amuses me. I have always been in touch with foreign musicians since I was a child so not even language has been an obstacle to me. About music, I am an open mind as producer and very versatile musician. This, supported by my music background helps me to live always a positive experience. Furthermore, the musicians I play with, the artists I produce and also my fans and friends always say that as a musician as well as a person, I send out good vibrations. They say I am a peaceful nice genius.

S.R.: Appreciate you sharing that. What else should we know about what you do?
D.D.C. :
Producer, bassist, pianist, singer, music director, composer, songwriter.
S.R.: What matters most to you? Why?
D.D.C. :
Life, health, love and good music always matter. About my music business in general, surely matters time and final result. Particularly as producer, what matters to me is “tailoring the perfect dress to any kind of naked song by enhancing its strengths while smoothing out its defects.” As a musician matters music itself. Now what matters is live music that I really…Read full article at http://voyagela.com/interview/conversations-daniele-de-cario/