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After declaration of pandemic for covid-19 most of people is locked home for precaution, for their safety and other’s safety. While following the new roles in each country we have thought to spend some time together live on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Since declaration of pandemic for covid-19, most people are locked up at home as a precaution, for their safety and for others’safety. While following the new rules in each country, we can still be connected. Let’s spend some time together!

We will be live on our Facebook and Instagram pages. at 11 am.Original dance music and chilling vibe featuring warnings about safety and emergency by President of Campania (IT) Vincenzo De Luca.
Protect yourself and others. #stayhome #djset #istayhome #stattacasa #iorestoacasa #covid19 #pandemic #emergency #2020.

Happy 2020 Dj Set

happy 2020

Watch and listen to Hip Hop/Dub Step Happy 2020 Dj Set
Saturday January 4th at 11AM (Los Angeles Time) LIVE on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Privet Earth Italian Tour 2019

Low Pulse Project presented the first Italian tour of Privet Earth which was very pleasant. Ivan Smirnov, leader of the band, expressed his gratitude in some of his social posts to the new Italian fans and to all those who welcomed him and his music with great enthusiasm. This brief but intense journey introduced the young artist, already with two nominations to the Grammy Awards in 2011 and other awards, including the Fiat Band Prix Contest in 2013, in an authentic and genuine environment, where the artist enjoyed of a cultural exchange and where he tasted Italian delicacies. If you have not had the opportunity to listen to Privet Earth follow the link YouTube Channel of Live Motel where you can see and listen to Privet Earth Live Unplugged.
Thursday October 17 Good Fellas – Naples
Saturday October 19 The Wooden Pub – Santa Domenica (VV)
Saturday October 26 Unplugged Blitz Rock Party at Km Zero Drink on the streeet – Naples
Tuesday October 28 Live performance and interview on Live Motel – at Dee Jay Fox Radio Station – Turin

Low Pulse Project presents Privet Earth Italian Tour

Get Ready to be Blitzed by Privet Earth, a band with two Grammy’s nominations in 2011, winner of FIAT BAND PRIX Contest in 2013. Privet Earth debuted in Italy virtually in 2011, when he was noticed by Ingrid Pagliarulo (at that time talent scout and author of “U.S.A. United States of Artists”), to participate to the web tv show on upcoming American bands, at RadiostarTV, Rome, IT). Privet Earth started with success. He won the TOP 5 at RadiostarTV the same year. He didn’t interrupt his virtual relationship with Italy and later he was interviewed by Emergenza Musicale Magazine (Napoli, IT). However he has never abandoned the dream perform live in front of an all-Italian audience. Finally after a series of efforts, which are not over yet, this is the time for him to debut physically and fully and he is ready to blitz all of those who want to try this musical experience .

Starting from Napoli, on October 17, Privet Earth will BlitZ some of the main cities of the “Bel Paese” and his unplugged concert will get all the way up Northern Italy until the first days of November. His way through the web will continue at the same time as the tour so that the rock blitz will spread everywhere together with his echo. Stay tuned for updates about Privet Earth Italian Tour. Listen to Privet Earth music here .

Low Pulse Project publishing.

My First 10 Steps

Last June 30th Low Pulse Project has released a children book for foreign children to learn Italian. The book is entitled “I Miei Primi 10 Passi (My First 10 Steps)” . It has the same title as the cd sung by Tino and the Untuned Elephants, also produced by low Pulse Project, and which you can find on cd baby or you can listen to it for free on complete work includes book and cd.

The book “I Miei Primi 10 Passi (My First 10 Steps)” has been written by Ingrid Pagliarulo, with illustrations by Begoña True and it features 10 short tales, 10 nursery rhymes/song, warm illustrations, English translation and grammatical notes for non – Italian speakers parents. It is available at ama :   at Barn&Noble, BookDepository …Find out more at


New Low Pulse production is entitled Pantha Reiki and it is available online!

Pantha Reiki – Reiki music at 432Hz.

The title “Pantha Reiki” is intended as “All things in Reiki and Reiki in All things” (from Ancient Greek).
“Pantha Reiki” is music for Reiki, relaxation, meditation.The whole track is a complete 1 hour Reiki treatment with bell every 3 minutes.
The four basic elements :earth, air, water and fire are accompanied by flute, harp and chimes notes.
Pantha Reiki will free your chakras helping you to find your IN & OUT balance through the universal energy.
Pantha Reiki is healing music at 432Hz.


Low Pulse Project on Brand New -On air on the following Italian radios from July to September 2018!

Jun. 8, 2018 – Low Pulse Dj Set in Napoli – @ KmZero, Vomero,Na(IT)

Live DjSet in Naples(IT) June 8 2018 – 9PM @ KmZero via Merliani 100

Another work from our super Producer DeCa!

Aritotle|Hurts All Over

Mar.2018 – Tino & The Untuned Elephants produced by Low Pulse Project!

I Miei Primi 10 Passi – Italian music for foreign children.

Low Pulse has release a new production for the youngest sung byTino & The Untuned Elephants. I Miei Primi 10 Passi (my first 10 steps) features 10 original Italian songs of different music genres as soundtracks for children’ s daily activities and events.Learn how to introduce yourself; learn face and body parts, learn colors, shapes and… Much more in Italian!100% Italian 100% Kids approved!

Dec. 21, 2017 –  II+ LowPulse Dj Set on SuperProducers – @HiHat, Los Angeles, CA.

We will come back later with a surprise that will be unveiled at our official website.
Have a Great 2016.Thanks for following us!

The time experienced ” in wide” goes slowly and just like the creek the flowing water is slowly renewed.

Homeless for few months Low Pulse  got the strongest support from  friendship and… black sheep!Got away from synthetic facts.Let’s enjoy  humanity through a  real sharing of thoughts just like it happens  in music. Synthetic is almost done. Stay tuned.

Holiday Season  @ LowPulseProject’s..  Among greetings and congratulations, it snaps the inevitable and usual question how are you spending your Holiday Season? Are you going on vacation?


If Low Pulse would stop at that point its first goal would vanish. No vacation for Low Pulse . We are  currently busy in participating and organizing different kind of collaborations among which comes out the name of the latin pop band Aqquarela. DeCa is currently taking care of the production of their next album: “Conquista Mi Amor” and soon we all will hear about them. So this is actually the true vibe at Low Pulse’ , we are still working on others’ productions. This means LPP album will not be out yet, of course but as you know every cloud has a silver lining and thanks to collaborations we will be able to afford the expenses of our own productions.This is the reason why first of all we want to thank you again for the support you give us then we ask you to cross your fingers so that the good vibes of all our artists arrive right to you as well as Low Pulse album.Happy 2015.

Lies and Flames – August 6, 2014 the new video release. Five months after the publication of the music video “Reverse”, Low Pulse is ready to announce the next video release, produced by Low Pulse Project and Gracon Productions, entitled: “Lies and Flames” featuring eighteen Afro-American talent Doobie Jay.The new song has been composed and produced by Daniele DeCario (aka DeCa) wih lyrics by Ingrid Pagliarulo and Chardonnay McGuire.On guitar, tunes by Jean Luis Contreras , the drums have been recorded by Andre Aidian and bass line by DeCa.Once again dancers Avalance and Chill have joined the team dancing/acting with such dramatic interpretation, just catching the point of “Lies and Flames” through their expressions. A worm background scene enriched by Manoosh Nabavi ‘photo exibition . Wednesday, August 6, 2014 connect @ to watch “Lies and Flames”music video.

Low Pulse Project|Reverse

Los Angeles, California, September 11, 2012. Low Pulse has begun as an independent collective project featuring electronic, trip hop and dance music recorded, written, and performed by musicians from different countries of the world, joining various ways to experience music in its widest sense. Low Pulse debut simply “happens”, and it happens with “Reverse”. This new powerful single, composed and produced by Daniele De Cario, mixed at Smile Records (IT) and mastered at Red Cello Studios (Simy Valley, CA pix, CA) comes with a dance beat, and a European vibe featuring haunting vocals by Andrea Emma, who has also participated as designer and photographer (the Low Pulse Project’s logo and the debut single cover as well bear his signature); the running, scratchy guitars have been recorded by Giovanni Varone.

“Reverse is a train that travels through places in the world allowing you to see them from different angles. “It is a boost of low frequencies coming from every earth vibration I feel” Daniele De Cario said. It has been written as an invitation to look at things from different points of view and (to look at things) as they entirely are. A concept that unfolds through the sounds of the next EP titled” Low Pulse” which will be released in 2013 .Reverse is a train that you cannot lose! Starting from October 15, 2012 the new single will be available online . Low Pulse Project|Reverse –

The music video has been shot in Los Angeles, California. Among extraordinary shooting locations there are the Bronson Caves, better known as the Bat Cave in Batman: The Movie (1966), a very suggestive scenery!

It has has been directed by Jean Luis Contreras and Edited by Gracon Productions and it features : Avalance (Joe Bryant ), Chill (Montay Bryant ), Blue Jay (Lomar Trunnell) and DeCa (Daniele De Cario).Reverse music video has been produced by Low Pulse Project and Gracon Production.

The Sound of Low Pulse Project emerges as the fusion of researches and musical experiments done by eclectic minds who present the beginning of a sound’ “Route” which is constantly experimenting itself.

Low Pulse Project has begun spontaneously from a series of collaborations between artists, from many countries of the world and from various artistic areas, who convey their artistic experiences to simply experience and enjoy music in its widest sense.